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Author Visits


I love visiting schools to speak with students at all stages of learning about my books and to conduct writing workshops.

As an international educator, I have supported countless budding writers in honing their writing skills and offer  teachers guidance to assist them in fostering the essential elements of the craft of writing. 

To ask about an in-person or virtual school visit, and to receive a comprehensive list of the workshops I have on offer, contact me.

Here’s what teachers and librarians have to say about my author presentations:

During her visit to AISZ, Kristan offered a span of workshops: for our Lower School students, “A Day in the Life of an Author”, a reading from Beyond to Hutanya, Q&A, and a writing session on “Fantasy World Building”. Our Upper School students learned about the craft of writing with the “We Are Writers: Finding the Writer Within” presentation,  “World Building” and “Writing to Change the World”. She also did a talk for our parents on her writer's journey. 
Kristan’s passion for teaching and writing is amazing to see in action. She inspired so many students during her time at our school, and the fact that in her previous life Kristan was a teacher made my life so much easier. She is familiar with the Writer’s Workshop model, which enabled her to tailor her sessions so they met the specific needs of learners at different grade levels, and to make meaningful connections with students. I loved witnessing our students see themselves as writers… students who have struggled with writing–some who even hated it before! After a few sessions with Kristan, they started writing these incredible stories–and not just during school hours! We are planning to have Kristan come back to our school and do more writing sessions with our students this year. 
You basically get three people for the price of one–a great Fantasy author, a teacher, and a writer’s coach- the most inspiring one I have ever met. I would recommend Kristan in a heartbeat.


  ~ Ana Grubac, Head Librarian, American International School of Zagreb


Visiting Author for Fantasy Week
at the American International School of Zabreb 


Kristan visited us during our Fantasy Library Week in 2022. She held various workshops/classes/talks, not only for our students, but for their parents as well! While sharing her stories on how to be an author and what an author's day looks like, she managed to capture students' attention and connect with various age groups (from Lower School students all the way to High School students). As a former teacher, she knew how to engage students and encourage them not only to read more, but to start thinking of themselves as authors... because everyone has a story and everyone's story is worth sharing! Kristan was very patient with all of our students and answered their many questions with ease... all that while handling the live audience in front of her as well as the one behind the screen on Zoom. I hope we'll get to work together again soon!


~Sara Batinic

US Librarian / MS STUCO Advisor, American International School of Zagreb

The 5th grade students at my school thoroughly enjoyed their online workshops with author Kristan Julius.  Kristan is not only a consummate expert in her field, she also is an expert at presenting her knowledge in a relatable and age-appropriate manner.  The students were fascinated with her initial presentation and were able to apply many strategies to their own writing.  Beyond that, Kristan's small group online sessions allowed for extremely productive conversations for every student.  She took the time to read each and every student's work in progress in advance and to prepare positive and beneficial feedback that helped the students stretch themselves as writers.  My "budding authors" left their experience with Kristan glowing with pride in their work and filled with enthusiasm to continue improving and talking about their craft.

~ Angie Vintner, Grade 5 teacher, American Cooperative School of Tunis

Kristan Julius's virtual author visit with my 5th and 6th grade classes was a great success. For some of my students, it was the first time in this very difficult year of online learning that I saw them truly engaged and contributing. As an experienced classroom teacher, K.C. was able to appropriately target MS learners' interests and deliver several very enjoyable and engaging presentations about the craft of writing and her author's journey. My only regret is that we couldn't have her come to our school in person, as my students clearly wished she could. I would highly recommend her as a Visiting Author who inspires young writers!

~ Greg Johnson, The Friends School of Atlanta

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